Camp Cope-A-Lot

Online CBT Program for Kids

Camp Cope-A-Lot is a 12-module animated online e-learning program to teach anxiety management strategies to children ages 7-13 with the support of an adult coach.

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Top Features of Our Program

  • For children 7-13 with worry and anxiety
  • Based on Coping Cat -Teaches the FEAR Plan
  • Empirically-Supported CBT Skills Training
  • 12 animated modules, videos and practice
  • + Coach's Manual and Child Workbook

Child Anxiety Tales

Online Parenting Program

Learn what you can do to help your child manage stress and anxiety. Developed by experts and evidence-based.

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Top Features of Our Program

  • Based on the latest research
  • Strategies you can apply at home
  • Symptom Checker
  • 24/7 access, private and self-paced
  • You become a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) expert

What People are Saying about our Programs

Parents ♥ Child Anxiety Tales

“ The program was so helpful. I feel so much more confident in knowing what I’m supposed to do, and I can see changes in my son already. "


Remarks From Experts

“ If you are a parent of a child struggling with anxiety and you’re not sure where to start, Camp Cope-A-Lot is the right place.“



Symptom Checker

Find out whether your child may be suffering from excessive stress or anxiety by answering a few simple questions.

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The Research

Research Support for Camp Cope-A-Lot and Child Anxiety Tales

The Camp Cope-A-Lot and Child Anxiety Tales programs are based on the Coping Cat treatment, the most researched, well-established psychotherapy treatment program for anxiety in youth. It is the gold-standard treatment used in hospitals, clinics and schools around the world for children struggling with anxiety. The Camp Cope-A-Lot program has been evaluated and found to be effective in schools, private practices, hospitals, and community mental health clinics. The Child Anxiety Tales program has been tested with parents with children struggling with anxiety and was found to be effective in making parents feel empowered and educated about child anxiety and knowledgeable on strategies that can help.

About Us

Dr. Philip Kendall

Dr. Muniya Khanna

Dr. Philip Kendall and Dr. Muniya Khanna have collaborated since 2002 to bring evidence-based treatments to children ad families by leveraging technology. Together with Workbook Publishing, through research grants funded by the NIMH, they have developed and tested the Child Anxiety Tales program based on the gold-standard in cognitive-behavioral therapy strategies for the treatment of anxiety in children and teens.

Understanding Anxiety

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