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Tips for Parents in a Time of Anxiety: Helping Kids Cope through the COVID-19 Social Isolation Period

This is tough for all of us. We are navigating uncharted territory. For parents, the challenge multiplies because we are responsible for the well-being of ourselves and of our children. Those of us with older parents feel responsible for the well-...

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5 Steps to Handling “First Day” Jitters

I get lots of urgent calls from parents right at the beginning of the school year, after long holidays, and even at the start of new sports seasons. They are asking for help because their child is having a “really hard time” going back to school...

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Steps to take if your child needs help with anxiety

Finding good and reliable information on treatments for medical conditions is difficult and confusing, but finding information on treatment for emotional or mentalhealth can seem downright impossible. It’s a complicated issue and hard to say why...

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