The Nature and Features of Anxiety in Youth

The Nature and Features of Anxiety in Youth

  • Behavioral Inhibition and Anxiety: The Moderating Roles of Inhibitory Control and Attention Shifting.
  • Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 39(5), 735-747. Read more.
  • A study found that high levels of attention shifting decreased the risk for anxiety problems in children with high levels of behavioral inhibition, whereas high levels of inhibitory control increased the risk for anxiety symptoms.
  • Anxiety Affects a Very Wide Range of Youth
  • Clinical Characteristics of Anxiety Disordered Youth
  • Kendall, P. C., Compton, S. N., Walkup, J. T., Birmaher, B., Albano, A. M., Sherrill, J., Ginsburg, G., et al. (2010)
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  • This study reports on the gender, ethnicity, age, and type of anxiety seen in a sample of 488 children and adolescents from 6 cities in the United States.

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Some Difficulties in Families of Anxious Youth

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